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The following is the log of Silver Linings Spring 2000 Passage from Sarasota Fl
around Florida to Miami and up the ICW to Norfolk Va., up the Chesapeake Bay across
the C&D Cannal,down the Deleware Bay, up the Coast of N.J.,Hudson River, East River
N.Y.,Long Island Sound and Nantucket Sound to Boston.


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DATE----------------------------May 1, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE----622Ranger Lane Longboat Key
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Boca Grand FL.
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------5:45
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny warm, SE wind 6Knots start,changing to 10 knots S.

EVENTS-----------------Started South with wind in out face. Motoring down the ICW
Stickny Pt. bridge stuck for 10 min only wait. Sailed the last hr. with a west
wind-down Gasparilla Bay. Able to pick up mooring at Millers Marina our favorite

DATE----------------------------May 2, 2000
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Ft Myers, Beach Estero Is.
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------6:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny,warm ,calm, glassy water, Wind east lt. change to lt. West
in the afternoon,

EVENTS-----------------Morning Shopping at Boca Grand for Grand-daughters bathing suits and
shirts. Used Miller's Marina launch service and rental Golf Cart for shopping intown and
to visit Restaurant at beach for lunch. Very light air start, motor sailed ICW, Went past
Cabbage Key where the restauarnt is and anchorage across the way is at Usseppa Is.-NEXT TIME.
Went under electric lines and Thru Sanabel Bridge with strong Current from Caloosahatchee
River and Gasparilla Sound. Anchored for night well up harbor past bridge behind Estero
Island ( Ft. Myers Beach )near Red #26. Put in Bahamian anchors .Stayed on board for evening
for early start.

DATE----------------------------May 3, 2000
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------1:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Warm, partly cloudy start, Wind 6 -14 knots East. 2 heavy showers in
afternoon -Just made it in.

EVENTS-----------------We were delighted with the moderate 6 Knot East wind, set all sails
going south on beam reach in the Gulf all the way to Naples. Used automatic pilot most of
the way. A little bird (yellow finch) stopped to rest on the boat along the way, one dolphin
followed us. Naples harbor had no room but one fellow heard us calling on channel 16 and gave
us a slip for the night next to the harbor restaurant shopping complex. However low tide brought
us high and dry. (3 ft Tide). Great shopping at the pier stores, then off to 5th st. where the
stores were closing- ate roast duck breast at the outside cafe with a muscovy duck begging at tables

DATE----------------------------May 4, 2000
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Poneede Leon Bay
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------8:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny, hazy, calm to start- then gusty and rough, 12Knots-20 Knots East
South East ,Wave height 3-6ft.

EVENTS-----------------Fueled at naples City Dock. Set all sails to start with beam reach 12knot wind
heading SSE for Marker at end of Cape Romano Shoals. 10:00 A.M. wind backing to SE increasing ,
sails set to close halled doing 7.5 knots under sail. 10:00 reefed main and took missen down . At
Cape Romano Mark winds 20 Knots, shoals very rough- ride the swells like a bucking bronco.
Turned at the mark East to go towards coast to get out of heavy seas under motor and sail very
very close hauled, Once close to coast as draft allowed turned South East , easier going After
3:00 P.M. A long wearing day of motorsailing into the East winds. Then a pleasant 2 hr. sail,
SouthEast to PonceDeLeon Bay -made it as the Sun Set. Double Anchored as far in bay as I dare go
and as close to Shark River Island as I could get. for quiet water.

DATE----------------------------May 5, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE----Ponce de Leon Bay
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Long Key by Channel 5
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------4:15 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny, Clear, N E Wind 12 to 20 Knots changing to S. E. Wave height 3'

EVENTS-----------------After a quiet night, Set sails doing 7 Knots,reffed main took in missen,
winds reached 20 Knots, as we pick up markers the wind turns S.E. into our face and we motor sail
using the main for stability. The Water is only 8 to 10 feet deep the several day wind has made
the water murky olive green against a blue sky. Made anckorage on West side of Lower Matecumbe Key
as close to Land as possible to keep out of East wind. Double Anchored.

DATE----------------------------May 6, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE----Lower Matecumbe Channel 5
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------North Side Rodriges Key
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------3:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny,warm, partly cloudy-big puffy clouds- one tiny sprinkle Wind East
15 to 20 knots, Wave Height 3-7 ft.

EVENTS-----------------Original plan was to pick up a reef mooring buoy off John Pennekamp
State Park, smorkel in the afternoon, Stay the night and leave in the morning in time to
reach Angelfish Creek on high tide to make it through with plenty of water. Wind was right
in our face going up Hawk's Channel after Hen's & Chickens we turned more north put up a reefed
main & jib great help. Moter still ran hot after pulling weeds out of filter. When we reached the
mooring area the wind and seas were to high to do anything but find a calm anchorage. We tried
to get into the Marina at Lower Key Largo and we think the water was deeper than the 4' reported
to us by a boat on the way out -BUT-. So we Anchored as much out of the wind and seas on the North
West side of Rodriguez Key as we could get. Later in the day another boat had to anchor directly
behind us with miles of water around leaving me to worry thenight about dragging anchor into him.
While anchored at the Key, June took a swim with mask and flippers and pulled more weeds out of
the water intake under the boat. Harrah ! Heroine for the day!

DATE----------------------------May 7, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE----Rodriguez Key
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Dinner Key -Coconut Grove
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------5:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----sunny with big puffy clouds hot: Wave Height Hawk's Channel 5 feet,
Biscanyne Bay 2 feet. Wind 20 Knots E

EVENTS-----------------Great day of sailing. Close hauled up Hawk's Channel , All most beam reach
up Biscane bay. Stopped to swim a Biscayne Key 3:00 P.M. Water great. Great view of stilt
houses off Biscayne Key. Took slip at Dinner Key , did Laundry, went groceries shopping,and
dinner at the Chart House. Found lots of shopping but nothing open -lucky me, Sunday, Made note
to return on the return trip on week day.

DATE----------------------------May 8, 2000
PORT OF ARRIVAL--------- Lake Boca Raton Mile 1048
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------5:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----sunny, warm, partly cloudy Wind 15 to 20 knots East

EVENTS-----------------Start of the offical ICW mile 1095. Under power all the way, lots
of bridges, beautiful homes and boats, Made it easly over sand bar at Mile 1080. Lots of
big Ships at Fort Lauderdale also big Yachts .June baked a cake while we waited for a
bridge or two. Anchored in Boca Raton pocket near inlet. Double anchored close to N.E.
connor in pocket. Very good bottom. Very Carm with the high East wind blowing. Also very
little current. Very good spot. Entered Lake going along north edge, center or pocket
is shallow, it is surrounded by big homes, condos & resorts- The bright Pink Marina resort.
Took the dinghy ashore and walked the outer Atlantic beach, watching the large brakers
visited a small convience shop for ice-cream. Had a nice long walk.

DATE----------------------------May 9, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE----Lake Boca Raton
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Palm Harbor Marina, Mile 1021
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------1:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny, hot and light breeze 10 Knots East

EVENTS-----------------Great Trip, Motored all the way, Lots of beautiful Cannal homes.
Took a taxi to the Beach , Had a marvelous swim at Palm Beach, Tom swam too -he forgot his suit.
Celebrated our 37th. Aniversary and ate out at a Ristorante,June had trout -Tom linguine with
scallops. Had Junes Cake when we got back.

DATE----------------------------May 10,&11, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE---- Palm Harbor Marina
PORT OF ARRIVAL--------- Manatee Pocket- Hidden Harbor Estates, Mile 990
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------3:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny, hot, small breeze 4 Knots E SE

EVENTS-----------------Stopped at Jupiter Inlet, June had to swim in the beautiful clear aqua
incoming water. Tom motered the current while June went over the side with a line. After Jupiter
Inlet the homes thin out and the scenery becomes mostly green. Stopped at June's Dad's and visited
two Nights at his condo slips in Manatee Pocket off St Lucie Inlet. Pocket is shallow just made it
through at mean tide.

DATE----------------------------May 12, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE----Manatee Pocket
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Indian Harbor Marina, Mile 914 , Dragon Pt ,Banana River
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------5:45 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny, Hot 5 knot West wind changed to 8 knot East sea Breeze

EVENTS-----------------Motor Sailed All day up Indian River. Very nice going sure glad to have
the auto-pilot, lots of strait waterway. Took swim near Sebastian Inlet next to an Island. Dolphins
near by, saw lots of Dolphins. Anchor dropped back in after swim , failed to secure , not to pretty
scene. Dragon Pt. has a very large mint green dragon metal sculpture on the point to welcome us in.
Walked to town,picked up supplies. Tom enjoys the Marina conveniences, charging the battery and fridge,
washing the deck, showers . June prefers the boat's shower all her stuff is there. It's nice to not
worry about anchors that drag at night. One sleeps a lot better.

DATE----------------------------May 13, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE----Indian Harbor Marina
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Titusville Mile 878
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------5:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS---- Sunny , hot clear Wind 9 Knots East

EVENTS-----------------Motor Sailed all day Snooth Waters. Stopped at Cocoa Mile 897, for Shopping
from 10:00 - 2:00 toured the "old" town with shops, restauarants. June picked up several gifts. It
was a very nice little town many ,nice shops,even a potter studio. Getting to marina by water was tight
narrow channel and only 6ft water. East wind comming across river held us on the dock and had trouble
getting off. Broke a fiberglass patch on the dinghy holding it to davits, so we tailed it. The dinghy
filled with water from the centerboard slot as we went. Lost 2 gas containers in dinghy. Stopped pulled
down sails and anchored in mid channel. Pulled dinghy in drained and went for a row for the gas cans.
Stuck rags in centerboard slot and sailed on to Titusville. Anchored on north side of channel in to the
bay, motorized the dinghy and motored to the Marina in harbor. Went for groceries Long walk not much of
a town. There was an old ship "Kingston" in the harbor rigged with lights and stuff for a Play. Sure
enough after sundown, a musical play started and we were entertained while I brought the dinghy onboard
to repairs the hanging patch. We went to bed in the second act music was good but couldn't hear the words

DATE----------------------------May 14, 2000 Sunday
PORT OF ARRIVAL--------- Cement Plant Channel, North of Daytona Beach, Mile 809
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------5:30 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny , hot, calm Wind 9 Knots NW

EVENTS-----------------Put the dinghy back on the davits, patch held. Sunday a lot of boat activity.
Motorsailed , more motor than sail. Upper Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon a lot of flat open water only
small point of interest, small passage between the Two, lots of fisherman. Lots of Sunday Boat activity
around Ponce de Leon Inlet. Ran a ground lightly on bar in channel near inlet watching all the boat
activity, current was against us and helped back us off. Thinking silver Lake to shallow to anchor
over night decided upon Cement Plant Channel, which was narrow but deep. Double anchored in center
with stern 20 ft off the bank. At supper time weather front passed through from North West with a
lighting exhibit like fireworks, high wind blasts and sheets of rain. Even in protected channel had
to start the engine to help keep anchor from dragging, rain so heavy we could hardly see bank ,then
it was over. When it was over untangled anchors, reset them ,watched sunset and went to bed in perfect
calm. Another boat anchored with us in the channel, "FARIA" from Boston, home built Schooner 50" , also
found it very hard to stay off the channel bank but also weathered the storm.

DATE----------------------------May 15, 2000
PORT OF DEPARTURE----Cement Plant Channel
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------St.Augustine Municipal Marina ,Mile 778
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------12:00 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny , hot, clear, cooling off and getting windy 0 -15 Knots N to E

EVENTS-----------------Up at 6:30 with the boat yard crew launching new boats. Easy Start but
currents and wind in ourface become stronger. Great view of Fort Matanzas at Matanzas Inlet.
Pulled into Municipal Marina at noon and picked up slip , after fueling up, for sightseeing
the rest of the day. Visited Flagler Museum ,Shopped along St George St , historical village,
oldest wooden school , Fort Castilla. The bridgeof Lions and the Lions Restaurant -nothing
special. Returned to the marina for showers then walked thetown again, hotels were open and
decorated to the hilt.

DATE----------------------------May 16, 2000
PORT OF ARRIVAL---------Ferandino Beach , Fernandino Marina, Mile 717
TIME OF ARRIVAL---------5:30 P.M.
WEATHER CONDITIONS----Sunny , warm, puffy clouds wind gusts 15 knots North East

EVENTS-----------------Sloshed the night with the strong current at the marina several sail-boats
had very hard time getting out of slips. I made it but it was close, the strong current wants
to put you sideways to the slips or into the bridge. Met another boat " Integrity" (The Swanson's
from St.Petersburg Fl. going to Charleston)next to us in the marina. The storm the night before
had caught them at anchor next to the Daytona Bridge their anchor held ,pretty rough evening,
others went into the bridge or on shore one large sailboat was severaly damaged when it hit the
bridge. Made it through the Lions Bridge without waiting to long along with "Integrity". Set
jib and reefed main. Gusts to 20 Knots but good going ,Currents are very strong with them we
really go, against them sails help. The weather stayed good ,able to motorsail along easly with
"Intergrity". Very intersting part of Fl. lots of older and smaller style homes and places,
paper and pulp mills and large grass land marsh areas. Docked for fuel and decide to tie up at
the Fernandino Municipal Marina for night especially after finding that there is the greatest
little shopping area just off the dock area .Supprise what a great choise. A lot of boats docked
having repairs made. The 14th's evening front's passage through here was severe. A lot of boats
draged anchors ,two large power boats each side of a small sail boat did and caught his anchor
that held and beat him to pieces between them. One large very expensive sailboat beat against the
face dock untill you could see through it's side. There were a low of other stories there. We
shopped the very nice shops ,walked, found a restaraunt, and got ice cream. Met up with Integrity's
crew, one needs his grass ,-dog "Morgan", walked and talked a little more before turning in.




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